Developing core technology from the ground up has been our core tenet since our company’s conception. The EV technology has become more common in recent years, which allows introduction of low-quality, low-performance motorcycles to be imported and white-labeled as Indonesian brands. We have been challenging this concept from day one by leveraging higher technology, in-house development, and vertical integration to deliver high-end products at affordable prices.

A Quick Glance

at our operation

Research and Development


Careful, iterative high-level planning of the vehicle design and performance that orients toward the customers’ needs and wants.

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Hard engineering

Low-level designing and engineering that incorporates all fields of engineering, including but not limited to software, electrical, mechanical, and structural.

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Resulting engineering package was put into life by real-scale clay prototyping, followed by working rapid prototyping.


SAVART® development requires cutting-edge prototyping hardware and software. We routinely use advanced metalworking machineries and additive manufacturing technologies in creating handmade and functional prototypes.

Testing Equipment

A striking difference between a real development company and a façade: existence of state-of-the-art testing equipment. We control precision of parts down to 1/100th mm. Our core components are also verified by the most precise testing instruments.


Know the difference between manufacturing line and assembly line. Assembly line is simply receiving goods in knocked-down parts and putting them back together. At SAVART® we manufacture tooling, frame, aluminum parts, electronic parts, and even plastics. The extra mile we take to ensure quality control is impeccable.

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