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Savart Motors Presents a Direct Riding Experience at the Savart Experience Store

One step closer to the community, SAVART opens an Experience Store and Service Center, complete with test ride facilities.

Jakarta, Indonesia – November 18 2023

After the remarkable success at the prestigious automotive exhibition, Indonesia Motor Show (IMOS) 2023, Savart Motors, the leading company in electric vehicle production, continues to make waves with the opening of its latest Experience Store. Visitors attending the store’s opening will have the opportunity to experience the sensation of riding Savart electric motorcycles firsthand through test rides and various engaging demonstrations.

The Experience Store by Savart Motors is an extension of the positive momentum created by Savart’s participation in IMOS. Savart not only introduces innovative Savart products but also provides visitors with the chance to directly experience Savart electric vehicles.

30° Climbing Test

At this opening event, Savart Motors showcased an amazing demonstration with a motorcycle conquering a 30-degree incline. This demonstration highlighted the toughness and outstanding performance of Savart’s electric motorcycle in facing challenges posed by difficult terrains.

In addition to the impressive demonstration, visitors also had the opportunity to experience driving Savart electric vehicles through the provided test rides. This is a rare chance for the public to feel the reliability, comfort, and sophistication of the electric vehicle technology produced by Savart.

Currently, Savart only sells the S-1P model with the option of home charging. The option for exchangeable battery charging stations (swap stations) will be temporarily postponed, as Savart prepares to build 50-100 swap stations in the Jabodetabek region in the next six months. Additionally, Savart is also preparing to open Experience Stores in Bali, Bandung, and Surabaya to provide broader access to Savart’s electric vehicle technology for the Indonesian community.

By opening these Experience Stores, Savart aims to offer a unique experience to visitors. Savart wants to provide an opportunity for people to directly experience the advanced technology in Savart’s electric vehicles.

The Savart Experience Store is committed to providing comprehensive information to visitors about the technology, safety, comfort, and ease of use of electric vehicles. Savart invites all electric vehicle enthusiasts and the Indonesian community to join and explore this extraordinary experience.

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About Savart Motors:

Savart Motors is a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry, offering innovative technology that combines quality, safety, and convenience. With a commitment to the development of advanced electric vehicles, Savart EV aims to create a cleaner and more sustainable future for mobility in Indonesia.