Frequently Asked Questions

The Savart S-1P Insignia is an electric scooter made in Indonesia, designed for urban use with modern and eco-friendly features. This scooter is equipped with advanced technology and ergonomic design for comfort and efficiency.

The maximum speed of the Savart S-1P Insignia is 120 km/h. This speed is adjusted for user safety.

This electric scooter has a range of up to 120 km on a full charge, depending on road conditions and riding style.

Yes, the Savart S-1P Insignia has an IP 67 waterproof rating, allowing for use in rainy conditions.

The Savart S-1P Insignia is designed for urban use but can also be used for long distances.

Yes, this scooter is equipped with a CBS system, LED lights for nighttime visibility, and a remote lock system in case of theft or loss.

Yes, we provide a mode feature to adjust your riding mode and select the speed according to your preference and riding conditions.

Charging the battery to full takes about 6-8 hours.

Yes, the Savart S-1P Insignia is equipped with an app that helps you start the vehicle, monitor trips, battery usage, charging process, and many other features that make using the Savart S-1P Insignia easier. You can download the Savart app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

You can order the Savart S-1P Insignia through Tokopedia or Blibli at Savart Motors Indonesia.

You can access the warranty details offered by Savart S-1P Insignia at

If there is a technical issue, it is best to check the manual for troubleshooting, contact Savart Customer Service via the Savart app, or take it to the nearest Planet Ban.

Yes, Savart provides after-sales services including repairs, replacement parts, and technical assistance. You can go to the nearest Planet Ban. Savart collaborates with Planet Ban. Be sure to keep the proof of purchase and warranty information to receive these services.

Warranty Savart S-1P Insignia

Regular Maintenance

For the first 2 years of ownership, the following maintenance tasks are covered free of charge:

  • Gear oil replacement every 8,000 km
  • Electronic unit checks every 10,000 km
  • Radiator coolant checks every 20,000 km
  • Timing belt inspection every 20,000 km
  • Brake oil inspection every 20,000 km
  • Suspension oil inspection every 20,000 km
  • Brake pads inspection every 30,000 km

Warranty Coverage

Our scooter warranty ensures peace of mind, including:

  • Mechanical parts: 2 years of free maintenance, repair, and replacement, including gear oil replacement when recommended by SAVART, except for brake pads and tires.
  • Electronic parts (non-battery and e-motor): 3 years of free service and repair.
  • Electromotor: 50,000 km or 5 years, whichever comes first.

Battery Pack Warranty

For those choosing the Home Charging option, the warranty lasts for 5 years or 60,000 km, whichever is reached first, and includes a replacement battery pack.
Terms and Conditions:

  • Scooter Warranty Terms:
    • No modifications to hardware or software without prior approval from SAVART.
    • Adherence to SAVART’s regular service guidelines.
    • No disassembly of the electromotor.
  • Battery Pack Warranty Terms:
    • Warranty applies only if the battery health falls below 70% according to SAVART’s application calculations.
    • No modifications to hardware or software without prior approval from SAVART.


PT Garda Energi Nasional Indonesia (“GEN”) guarantees that the Electric Motorcycles (“SAVART Electric Motorcycles”) being distributed are free from manufacturing and material defects under normal usage. GEN, through its Dealer network, guarantees the Terms and Conditions of the Warranty for SAVART Electric Motorcycles with the following provisions:

  1. GEN will replace and repair damaged Spare Parts of SAVART Electric Motorcycles that are still within the warranty period. Repairs or replacement of Spare Parts will be done by authorized Dealers or other third parties appointed by GEN.
  2. During the warranty period, GEN’s obligation is limited to repairing or, if necessary, replacing Spare Parts of SAVART Electric Motorcycles, in cases where, after inspection by the Dealer, the Spare Part is deemed necessary to be replaced to ensure safe driving.
  3. Terms and Conditions of SAVART Electric Motorcycle Spare Part Warranty include the following types:
    • Savart Genuine Mechanical Part Warranty for 2 years of free maintenance, repair, and replacement, including gear oil replacement when recommended by SAVART, except for brake pads and tire.
    • Savart Genuine Electronic Part (excluding battery and e-motor) Warranty for 3 years of free service and repair.
    • High Voltage Battery (EV) Warranty for 5 years/60,000 km (whichever comes first)
    • Electromotor Warranty for 5 years/50.000 km (whichever comes first)
      Free Service for 2 years
  4. The warranty will be void and not applicable if the Consumer does not perform regular maintenance according to the specified mileage or periodic maintenance schedule determined by the Dealer (whichever is reached first), as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions of the Warranty.

  5. The warranty does not apply to:
    • Normal aging, damage, or rust on coated parts, paint layers, rubber parts, soft goods, glass items, plastic parts, and frames.
    • Components namely electrical equipment, wiring harness, and other electrical components.
    • Consumable items (wear and tear), such as tires, brake pads, disc brakes, and seals.
  6. How to Submit Warranty Claims:

    Customers should visit an authorized Dealer or GEN’s official service center and explain the issue they are experiencing with the Spare Part. The Dealer will then perform a diagnosis, decide whether it should be repaired or replaced, and inform the Customer accordingly.

    Warranty claims – including Free Service – done by Customers will be recorded in a system managed by the Dealer and/ or GEN. This way, all history of warranty claims and Free Services will be digitally recorded and well documented.

GEN will not be liable for Warranty claims in the following situations:

  • Damage to parts caused by the use of non-genuine or non-recommended parts by GEN.
  • Damaged parts due to accidents, collisions, natural disasters, or misuse.
    Modifications or additions to the SAVART Electric Motorcycle that result in damage to the Spare Part or cause the Spare Part to malfunction.
  • Vehicles repaired by entities other than authorized Dealers designated by GEN.
  • Vehicles used in abnormal conditions such as flooding, racing competitions, or other activities that can alter the function of the Spare Part.

GEN reserves the right to accept or reject Warranty Claims based on inspections conducted by GEN or other considerations.

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